Buñuelos Gourmet
Quienes Somos

Our dream started on December 2006 when we started offering our bunuelos with the name traditional bunuelos. And so, Thanks to the preference and acceptance of our clients, we had this brand name for 3 years.

Currently we changed our name to 4.44 Bunuelos Gourmet, keeping the same quality and freshness in our product.

You will ask why the change in name.
Well…the idea was born because 444 is the number of the house where we started and currently keep offering our delicious and crunchy Bunuelos.

Caja de Lujo

We want to offer our clients a wide variety of figures and packaging where we left off the "Traditional" part and changed into a much more different and innovative product, highlighting a Gourmet quality.

Each bunuelo we make is by hand (one by one to perfection). Taking care of every little detail in the process, using premium ingredients. since the elaboration, production and selection of each bunuelo and their packaging to ensure a product only of the highest quality.

you will see that each bunuelo is perfectly well formed and at the exact cooking point to give the bunuelo a beautiful golden color and then covered with the delicious taste of the sugar and cinnamon. Simply irresistible!!

We are constantly looking to innovate; at 444 Bunuelos gourmet you will find different figures with elegant packaging, so that when you want to give one of our bunuelos, you give quality and distinction.

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